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 FRENZY - 9am -12pm (Program Launch) Meet @ Broadbeach State School Oval

Saturday 31st July

The initial launch of the program is a Saturday morning, where after some introductions and goals are discussed, we'll get into a range of planned fun activities. You'll be assigned to a squad, Alpha, Bravo, Echo or Tango, where you'll complete challenges in throughout the program. The main focus of "Frenzy" is on building relationships, with Father and son, each other as peers, and also gaining more understanding of how we relate to ourselves. We'll finish the time with our first teaching, "Laying the Foundations", where we'll look at our past and how it relates to our present. We'll have Father and son, working together to build a solid foundation, to be able to build on in the coming weeks and set the boy up for a healthy transition into manhood. Morning Tea will be provided.

TOOL TIME - 9am -12pm or 1pm - 4pm @ Stand Academy HQ, 7 Colrene Drive Nerang.

Saturday 7th August (Possible split session depending on numbers. 9am-12pm only if numbers small)

Hands-on practical skills utilising a variety of tools. This will facilitate life learning opportunities whilst discovering a variety of skills assisting now and into the future. Fathers and sons will work in their "Squads". They will need to work together as a team to assemble their Billy Karts and put their own unique paintwork on them. These will be raced on the Rite of Passage night. Practical skills are unfortunately becoming less common in today's society, but it is skills we value highly, as they help develop confidence, determination and resilience in the boys as they overcome challenges and solve problems. Morning Tea will be provided.

CHALLENGE DAY - 6am - 10am @TBA

Saturday 14th August

On this Saturday morning, Fathers and sons will gather with the purpose to be challenged and to develop stronger trust and relationships. Today will be a challenging day for both Father and son, but all activities are aimed to increase the bond with each other. This first challenge of the day will be to get up before the sun and be at the destination by 6am sharp. More details to come about this Challenge Day morning soon. Morning Tea will be provided.

RITE OF PASSAGE - Saturday afternoon/evening 3:00pm - 8:00 pm

22 Timbertop Court, Wonglepong. (Link to map)

Saturday 21st August

Once onsite, we will be racing our Billy-Karts. This is a very popular part of the program and one that always brings many laughs. We'll have our "Man-Karts" that the dads can race, along the boys karts. This will mean so much to the boys, to have their male role model beside them. 

Following this, we will be having a BBQ dinner, before the boys head off for our night walk activities. This evening is going to be extremely special for your son. You are welcome to bring as many male mentors in their life as you want or feel is appropriate. Whether they be granddads, uncles, brothers, cousins, carers, pastors, close family friends etc. Whilst Mr Time is out with the boys, Mr Wood will be going over the process of the Rite of Passage ceremony, where the Father will be able to give their "Father's Blessing" and call their son forward into manhood. This will be done around the fire, with some bamboo flares set up to symbolise crossing a threshold.(Blessing ceremony setup) The ceremony will positively reinforce all that has been explored during the program, focusing on each person's unique identity and destiny. Once this is completed, we will move into a time of celebration as we share in the "Dessert" feast provided by The Stand Academy.

The night will conclude back around the fire where the young men will be able to throw their "Boy Psychology" into the fire as a symbol that they are changed forever, and they are choosing to leave that way of thinking behind, and begin the journey of manhood. Many cultures have a time where the "Elders" share stories about being a man or imparting wisdom. This is where we give an opportunity for anyone to share around the fire. Sharing stories, wisdom, adventures or cautions are all valuable and the young men eagerly listen to the advice. This time is often just as beneficial to the older men as it is the younger men, and sadly this type of ceremony and tradition is not a norm in our Western culture.


You will be participating in this program as an invitation to join Martin Wood and his son as they go through a Rite of Passage program. You as the parent, accept full responsibility, that during the course of this program, there is the potential for accidents, incurring injuries, to either you or your son. You therefore waive all rights to hold Martin Wood, The Stand Academy, or any of the volunteers, accountable or liable for any potential harm or injury that may occur. You are fully responsible for the actions of yourself and your son during this program. You will be required to accept these terms in the booking process, by selecting YES to understanding these terms.


Watch this space. There are plans to develop The Stand Academy:

 Boys Identity Program - Securing their identity as young men

Boys Discovery Program - Exploring different skills needed as men

Boys Destiny Program - Alternate celebration to Schoolies. Domestic/Overseas adventure with service building component.

We hope this has covered most things you need to know about the program. If there is anything else you need clarity on,

then please do not hesitate to contact us.